Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Karate Chops and Chubby Cheeks

32 weeks today...holy crap, that means only about 8 more to go! I'm definitely getting very excited and a bit of nervousness is settling in, too. We really need to make some time to clean out the nursery and paint. But who can do that when it's so easy to sit around at home after a long, exhausting day and then reality TV shows that shall remain unnamed suck you into their vortex. *sigh*

The ultrasound was really, really cool again last week. Seeing Jude exercise his diaphragm, checking out his long, skinny foot, and catching a glimpse of his face (which looked much more like a face, especially with those chubby cheeks!) was all wonderful. I think maybe the most amazing part for me was getting a view of his brain developing. We could see the blood pumping in the brain! If you've never seen an ultrasound in person, it really is sweet. And we didn't even have one of those high-tech, fancy-schmancy 3D/4D kind of ultrasounds, either.

So we're moving right along...and Jillian is starting to get pummeled. Jude still tends to calm down whenever she calls me over to feel him, but it's getting less predictable that way. I keep telling her that she would want to stretch and push on her confining environment if she were cramped up like that, too, but somehow that doesn't cut it when she gets kicked really hard in the ribs. Who knew?

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