Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Husband Is Better Than Yours....

My husband rocks.

On Friday afternoon, my amazing husband surprised me with a gift certificate for two prenatal massages at Sanderson Place. He spent his hard-earned web design money on a frivolous treat for me… hard-earned money that was supposed to be spent on a frivolous treat for him. He never ceases to amaze me.

On with the story. On Saturday I went to my first prenatal yoga class in over a month. It ended a few minutes before 11am, and I hauled ass home so that I could grab some lunch before heading out to my twelve o’clock massage appointment. When I got to the spa, I was informed that there had been a mix up. The woman I had been scheduled to see is new to the spa, and she doesn’t do prenatal massages. The woman who does do prenatal massages didn’t have an opening until 1pm. Ugh. So, I called Josh and he said to stick around and take the 1pm appointment, so I did. I must have looked pretty ticked off though, because five minutes into my magazine reading, one of the receptionists came over and told me that they would like me to have a free pedicure while I waited because of the mix up. How could I say no to that?

So after an amazing pedicure—I have *bright pink toenails now, fyi—and a more than amazing massage I headed home. When I got there I found out that Josh had taken care of all of the housework I was planning on doing that afternoon. I married the most incredible man ever. This is proof.

Other stuff on which to update... I don’t think I wrote about the baby shower my sister and my mom threw for us. It was a hoot of a good time. They arranged a brunch at Cooper’s in Pittston for us, and we were more than spoiled. (= I got to see some of my great aunts that I hadn’t seen since my sister’s wedding last year, so that was nice. A few friends that I haven’t been able to hang out with lately were also present. It was really great to see everyone.

Josh and I finished painting Jude’s closet last week and started reinstalling the shelving yesterday. He needs to pick up some anchors for the braces because there doesn’t seem to be any studs behind the wall the shelving is going on. I’m hoping to have it all put together by midweek. It looks really great in there. The color is brilliant.

I guess I’m finally moving from the ‘looking fat’ stage to the ‘looking pregnant’ stage. I had been under the impression that I’ve looked good and pregnant for some time now, but just today I got my first “When are you expecting, honey?” from one of the women who works in my building. I’m only five weeks away from my guess date. I expected to have to field these questions some time ago.

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Erin said...

you look great!! I haven't seen any pics since we saw you at Christmas. Definitely a cute pregnant woman! I know I have a great brother...but I might have to fight you for the my husband is better than yours...hehehe. Hope all is well! Love you!