Friday, June 22, 2007

Life with Baby

Well, Jude's here and he's settling in just wonderrfully.

The last 32 days have been simply amazing. In answer to all of the FAQ-

1. He's sleeping really well. Josh and I usually get between 2-3.5 hour stretches of sleep each night.
2. No, he doesn't cry. Well, he will let me know if he's hungry, but other than that, he's a really content baby.
3. He's a champ at nursing. Neither he nor I have had any real problems regarding our breastfeeding relationship (minus one early-stage breast infection, but I got over that fairly quickly).

Josh has done an amazing job taking care of Jude and me. He does almost all of the diaper changes on a regular day, and he makes sure that I'm eating well and drinking enough water. Josh has also been great at reminding me that it's normal for small babies to nurse for hours on end (and I do mean hours).

Jude has been seeing the chiropractor regularly since he was three days old. Dr. Jenn has been wonderful to our little family. She's caring and gentle and has taken a real interest in Jude. She's located in Clarks Summit (Dr. Jennifer Jaffe Finn).

On the doctor front, Josh and I have decided to take Jude to a practice in Quakertown. He's seeing a woman named Dr. Denise Kelley at the Woodlands Healing Research Center. It takes about an hour and a half to get to Quakertown, but the care Jude has recieved is well worth the drive.

In other news, Jude got a bath early this morning. Twice in about 6 hours, the kiddo peed on himself during a diaper change. He also managed to pee on his crib and on the wall. He also peed on himself last night and had two blow-out pee-pees yesterday. He needed a bath. (=

Hope everyone enjoys this update. Josh has posted a bit on his personal blog. You should check that out as well.

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