Monday, March 31, 2008

Ten-Month Letter

Dear Baboo,

The past few weeks have been big for you. You've nearly mastered standing on your own, and you've learned to pivot a bit while you stand. Though you don't wave "hello" or "goodbye" with much consistency yet, you're getting the hang of it and always look very proud of yourself when you accomplish the task. On our walk the other day, Papa and I discovered that you really enjoy shaking things that produce a neat sound. Little do you know, today Papa is taking you shopping for a real egg shaker! What a lucky boy you are.

I remember when you were first born. For the life of me, I couldn't understand how your skin and your breath smelled so wonderfully sweet all the time. This past week I was reminded of both and started worrying about how soon both those lovely smells would be gone. I love when you're asleep with your mouth agape. During those times, I love to get really close to you and breathe in your breath as you breathe out. I don't think I've ever smelled such a sweet smell as your milky breath. I love it when you fall asleep on my chest... it puts you in the perfect position for me to smell your head. I don't know what I'll do when those smells are gone.

Over the past week or two, you've started half waking up at night. Sometimes you'll sit yourself straight up and then collapse into a child's pose. Last night you did this and followed it up by rolling your back towards me and draping yourself over my side. It made me laugh, and when I looked at you, I realized you had fallen asleep during the transition, and I laughed again. You bring me such joy!

The weather has started to turn, and you and Papa and I have gotten in a few good walks. Just last week we went to Nay Aug Park and saw some of the animals they have in the wildlife center. You were especially amused by the monkey-type animals. Mama really liked the binturon.

I can't believe that in (less than... eep!) two months you'll be a year old. I have loved watching you grow, but a part of me wishes you would stay little forever. I have a hard time imagining what life will be like when you no longer need to be carried or worn... when you don't need me to console you when you fall down... when you don't need me to fall asleep... I know there are lots of fun times ahead, but as we approach your first birthday, well, I can't help but get a bit weepy.

I love you, Sweet Baboo.


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