Friday, May 30, 2008

You Don't Love Me, You Just Love the Local Jewish Deli

Our friends Phil and Robyn stopped by for a visit on their way from Ohio to Central America. Yes, apparently Scranton, PA is mid-way between Columbus and Honduras.

Phil lived in Scranton about five years ago. He introduced us to our favorite breakfast joint, Abe's Deli. Now whenever I want to entice him to come visit us, I remind him of the yummy goodness and super cheapness of Abe's Breakfast Special. For just $1.95 (it used to be $1.49) you get two eggs prepared any way you want them, home fries, and toast. For another buck or so, you get fantastic coffee. Phil loves food, and Phil loves being cheap. Abe's works for him.

Here's Phil in July 2007. He still looks like this, except his beard is much bigger.

ETA picture of Phil and witty comment about his ever-growing beard.

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