Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Am I Talking Really Loud? Subtitle: I'm a Cheap Date

It's amazing what a few shots of bourbon and another shot of vodka will do to a girl.

I was at a party last Thursday, perusing the bar, when the guest of honor asked me what I would like. That's a fine question. You see, a while back, I was pregnant. I was pregnant for 40 weeks and 3 days. During those 283 days I had an occasional half-glass of wine, but I really didn't DRINK.

As an aside, you would not BELIEVE the dirty looks I got from the nurse at an OB's office that I considered using during my intake appointment.
Her: "Have you stopped drinking?"
Me: "Well, I have an occasional glass of wine, but..."
Her (sporting an evil nasty death stare):"What?!?! You MUST stop drinking! Don't you know that letting the tiniest drop of alcohol pass your lips WILL KILL YOUR CHILD?!?!!!"
Me: "Uhm. No."
And I continued to indulge in a small glass of wine on occasion throughout my pregnancy. Oh. And Jude's alive. Just in case you were wondering.

Anyway, I was pregnant for 283 days, and I've been a nursing mom now for 387 days. I simply don't know "what I would like." "Well," I say, considering my choices carefully, "I like whiskey. I like Jameson on the rocks or in a highball cut with ginger ale." "My kind of girl," he replies as he scoops a few cubes of ice into a glass. What he covered those ice cubes with was some of the finest bourbon I've ever tasted. I sipped on that for a while, later committing the cardinal sin of cutting it with coke. No, not the white kind of coke, the canned kind of coke. I felt HORRIBLE for ruining such a smooth, perfect beverage, but I'm a lightweight. I can't throw 'em back like I could in junior high.

My second (or was it mt third?) drink was a mixture of vodka, orange/mango juice, and cranberry juice. With a twist of lime. It was fantastically fruity. By the time I was done with it, I was sporting the drunk-girl smile and was complaining that my legs felt heavy.

We all had a great time tonight. I felt wonderful to get out and decompress after what has been a busy few weeks. And as another aside... Jude seems to be sleeping exceptionally well tonight. Muahahahaha!

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