Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Tired

*Written on Friday, June 13, 2008.*

It's 9:17PM, and I'm one short blog post away from hitting the sack. Hard

Josh left for Chicago a little bit ago. His flight got changed because his connecting flight got grounded in Philly, so he ultimately ended up flying on a delayed direct flight to ORD. He should be landing in a little over an hour. I am sleeping with my cell phone tucked near my head tonight.

So, it's Night One of my weekend adventure without Josh. Tonight is going... as well as could be expected. Jude was tired and hungry and TIRED when we got home from work tonight, and I had to make the poor kid wait to settle in for the night until after I made myself dinner. He made it through with minimal fussing; probably because I ate so quickly that I didn't even taste my dinner. It's been 388 days since I've really been able to enjoy a meal. Ever since Jude was born I've been eating one-handed while he sleeps at my breast, or I've been eating at warp-speed to circumvent a total meltdown. I can't wait to eat slowly again. I can't wait to taste my food... to savor its flavor. At this point in my life, you could throw just about anything in front of me at meal time, and I wouldn't give it a second thought before inhaling it in its entirety.

And now, I'm going to retire to bed with my sweet, sweet baboo. G'night, people of the internet.

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