Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Daddy Fever?

Okay, so I'm not sick. But "baby fever" just doesn't seem like the right way to put it...isn't that what people get when they are trying to have a baby? Or get all wacky when they're around other babies but there are none of their own in the foreseeable future?

Anyway, last week when we were laying in bed, Jude was doing his best to put one of the little things in this picture through Jill's stomach wall. He was really going at it, and it was cool to feel. Add little moments like that to being around infants a few times a week via our dear friends, and you've got one excited father-to-be. Maybe I should be a bit scared, a bit nervous, a bit "oops-I-just-crapped-my-pants-because-I-realized-I'm-REALLY-having-a-baby-in-3-and-a-half-months." But I'm not.


Just happy, thrilled, excited...wish I could hold that little bugger right now!

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