Thursday, February 08, 2007

Movement, Happy Pills, and an Experiment

Yesterday marked 26 weeks on this fantastic journey. It's scary, I mean exciting, to think that Jude will be here in around 14 weeks.

So, the little bugger has grown so much over the past few weeks that now you can actually see my belly move when he kicks/punches/head butts me. It's pretty neat. Jude is already a little defiant. He can be kicking up a storm, and as soon as I call Josh to come over and feel, the little guy just stops. (= It's kinda funny.

Good news on the acid reflux front... papaya enzymes. Josh picked up a bottle of these little, yummy, chewable pills on Tuesday afternoon. I'm happy to say that I've been reflux-free ever since. These things are great, and they don't have the adverse affects on your kidneys like TUMS do, and they're relatively cheap ($5.98 for 60 pills).

So, my experiment. Coffee. That's right... that sweet, sweet poison that I love so much. I haven't been able to drink it lately without suffering for days. This morning I decided to put my pills to the test. Josh brewed some yummy (read: strong) coffee, I filled up our travel mugs, and away we went. It's been about 3.5 hours since I finished my mug, and I'm still feeling great. Go buy papaya enzymes if you suffer from reflux/heart burn. Do it now. Now.

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