Thursday, February 08, 2007


Some of you know that I'm using a natural, unmedicated birthing method called Hypnobabies for my impending birthing time. Most of you have also asked me what in the heck it is! I'm going to copy and paste some info from the Hypnobabies website to give you a better idea of what self-hypnosis for childbirth is all about:

"Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education course that also teaches Gerald Kein’s famous Painless Childbirth techniques to Hypnobabies mothers so that they can enter hypnosis, deepen it themselves and remain mobile during labor, completely comfortable at all times. Our Hypno-babies have no drugs in their systems when they are born, and are able to nurse, breathe well and interact with their happy parents immediately. Our goal - No drugs for Baby; No Pain for Mommy. Fantastic!"

Maybe that doesn't do it for you. Here's what I wrote to a friend about Hypnobabies earlier today:

The jist of Hypnobabies is this (or at least this is how I think about it): for years and years and years, women are programmed to believe that childbirth is this horrible, painful experience that requires tons of interventions (epidurals, IVs, episiotomies, etc.). We're taught that we shouldn't trust our bodies, but that we should trust a doctor to save us and "deliver" our children.

I don't buy it.

If you can reprogram yourself (your subconscious) with the truth (that women are designed to do this; birth is natural; we CAN and SHOULD trust our bodies; birth isn't scary), then we (women) can enjoy a p**n-free birthing time. That's not to say that there won't be pressure felt... there will be... but there's no need to feel what those people on A Baby Story feel. There's no need to be afraid, tense up, and suffer. Instead, women need to trust themselves, educate themselves, relax, and enjoy their birthing time.

So, that's my take. I should also say that I've been using the Hypnobabies home study course for more than two weeks now, and it's just fantastic. I listen to a CD worth of pregnancy affirmation each day while I work, listen to a self-hypnosis/relaxation script and practice my self-hypnosis skills each day, and take some time to read some supplementary material in a spiral-bound workbook each week. The home study course also provides moms with a separate Birthing Partner guide, information on birthing positions, and well... tons of other stuff. Oh... and it also comes with a Hypnobabies bumper sticker for your car. (Look for ours around Scranton once Spring hits and we're able to wash all of the salt off of of Betty the Blue Honda!)

The link to the Hypnobabies web site can be found at the beginning of this blog post and also in the right-hand side bar. Check it out, and if you want to talk more about it, email me, or leave a comment for me.


Pop said...

Does daddy Josh get to go through hypnosis too, or can he settle for a tranquilizer?

Jillian Frank said...

Funny, pop.

He won't be doing self-hypnosis, but he'll be helping me relax more and more using special "cue" words during my birthing time.