Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Baby Furniture

Time is flying fast...27 weeks! That means there's about 13 left...wow.

We bought a crib yesterday. Well, kind of. We've know that Jill's mom wanted to buy it for us. And Jill found out yesterday that the one we registered for went on sale for a crazy-good price at Target. So we went out and bought one, loaded it into the back seat of the Honda (yeah, it fit...barely!), and now the box rests in the room-that-will-be-Jude's. Did we mention that we picked out colors? A blue, a light tan, a dark tan, and a green. You'll have to see it to really understand (pictures once we paint). Anyway, we picked it up before it sold out 'cuz the Grandma-to-be couldn't make it there until Friday.

It's kind of serving as motivation to get things cleaned up and what not. Baby furniture sitting in its box kind of does that to you, I guess.

Oh, and Jude still insists, for the most part, on stopping his kicking and squirming when Jill calls me over to feel him.

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