Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Being Productive

Even though this post won't be 100% baby-related, I still feel like I need to write about the afternoon I had yesterday.

It was beautiful outside when Josh picked me from work, so we decided that we would go for a walk after resting for a few minutes at home. Wow... what a walk it was. In the hopes of avoiding having to walk one of the HUGE hills we live on/near, we decided to walk south along Stafford Ave., and then through the cemetery. Well, bad news for us... Stafford has two really big hills on it as well! Anyway... it wasn't too horrible. The walk itself was just perfect. I got a bit winded on the way home (that would be, walking *up* the hills), but overall, it felt great.

Once we got home (here's the actual baby-related part of the story), Josh and I threw open the windows and took down the shelves in Jude's closet. Then Josh went to start dinner, and I took the brackets off of the wall in the closet and started taping off the woodwork in the hopes of painting sometime soon. We took a quick break for dinner, switched the laundry, and while I cleaned up the kitchen, Josh headed upstairs to do some more taping. The closet is almost ready to go... I'm hoping to finish the taping tonight before we go to Josh's youth group book study. My goal is to get one coat of paint done in the closet by Friday. Wish me luck.

Today, I'm sore. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. My ankle is still pretty swollen... Josh is convinced it's because I won't wear my brace everyday, but what does he know? Otherwise, I feel good. I have an appointment with Shelley this afternoon, and one with Dhyana on Friday afternoon.

Today marks 34 weeks of my pregnancy. Help.

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