Monday, April 02, 2007

Woo Hoo for Baby Showers!

Last week was a huge week for Josh and I. On Thursday, my coworkers (along with the help of my husband) surprised me with a baby shower! It was fantastic. It started at 11am and carried on through lunch. My friends, Jen and Danielle, were the ones who planned the whole thing, and they did a really great job. The conference room looked great, the food was fantastic (everyone brought something to share), the cake was super yummy (another friend/coworker of mine, Nancy, made the cake), and the gifts were over the top. Josh and I received our Snap 'n Go Stroller frame, a Diaper Champ, and a bouncer that we registered for. Not only were those items necessities, but they were also big wants of ours. Oh... we also received a hamper full of wishing well items. I tell you... we're going to have one great smelling baby.

On Saturday, my mom and my sister threw a shower for Josh and me at Cooper's in Pittston. It was a wonderful affair. The people at Cooper's always do a really nice job setting things up, and my mom and sister did a great job decorating and planning the whole thing. It was a small-ish shower... there were about 25 people there including Josh, mom, Jenn, and me, but it was really quite nice. We got to visit with friends and family that we haven't seen in months, eat good food, play fun games, and open an abundance of presents. Josh and I are really excited to be on the receiving end of a Mei Tai baby carrier (complements of the Bittel/Protska and Bader-Saye families), a Maclaren baby stroller, the infant car seat we registered for, a crib, and many, many, many other items. Oh... we also received two crocheted blankets from our friend, Pat, and a knitted blanket from my sister. I can't tell you how much these things mean to Josh and me. I know the kind of hours Pat works, and I imagine that it took some time to create such lovely blankets. In the same way, I know how much time and effort my sister put into the blanket she made for Jude... it's made up of over 60,000 stitches... and I don't think that any words can adequately express how much I appreciate her taking the time to create such a beautiful blanket for my son.

Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of the events sometime soon. They were both really grand affairs!

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