Monday, April 30, 2007

The Definition of Productivity

Last night, Josh and I were uber-productive. Uber.

After a fairly busy day (food shopping/youth group shopping/youth group meeting/more food shopping/dinner), Josh put up another coat of blue in Jude’s room. While he did that I cooked the following: meatballs, hamburgers, taco-seasoned beef, and lasagna. Most of that food was put directly into the freezer for after Jude is born. Some of it was left out to get us through the week. Right now, Josh is at home cutting up a club pack of chicken. We’re going to bake some of it for dinner this week, bake some more of it to freeze, and make taco-seasoned chicken to freeze. Also, tonight I’m making mashed potatoes for dinner this week. The leftovers (you guessed it!) will be frozen. As you can tell, we’re really stepping it into high gear. Our little bugger can decide to show up at any time now (though I’m hoping he waits until at least Monday… Josh and I are going to see The Slackers play at the CafĂ© Metropolis on Sunday night). Hopefully, I'll be able to get pancakes, pizza crusts, and sauce made and frozen by the end of the week. We should also be finished painting Jude’s room by the end of the week (maybe/hopefully earlier).

I’m getting more and more excited to meet my baby boy each day! We're up to almost 38 weeks now, so, theoretically, I should have to wait no more than 4 weeks to make his acquaintance!

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