Friday, May 11, 2007

The past two weeks have brought with them both good stuff and bad stuff.

The Good

Josh and I are pretty much finished painting Jude’s room. There are a few places where touch-ups are in order, but honestly, I think I have enough furniture to hide them. (= Earlier this week, our friend Jer came over to help Josh move the full bed out of Jude’s room and into the attic. Once that was cleared out, we were able to vacuum and shampoo the carpet. The next night, Josh and I (okay, Josh did it all by himself… I watched) put Jude’s crib together. Not to toot our own horns, but the room is looking fantastic. I’ll try and take some pictures of the room with the crib set up over the weekend. Another cool note… Josh bid on an Ergo baby carrier earlier this week and won! Woo hoo! So, that should arrive either this weekend or early next week. I’m really excited to get it.

The Bad

I have had the worst eating habits over the past two weeks. I know I haven’t been eating healthy things, and I know I haven’t been eating enough protein. How do I know this? I know I’ve been eating poorly because I feel like a slob. I know I haven’t taken in enough protein because my feet and ankles are swollen to all holy hell. However, today is a new day. Today I am eating well, taking in lots of protein, and drinking tons o’ water. Tonight I have a date with a bathtub full of Epsom salt.

The Other

This weekend is actually looking pretty empty. I have prenatal yoga tomorrow morning, Peacemeal in the afternoon, and a block party (for lack of a better term) later in the evening. On Sunday we have two church services and one (yes! only one!) youth group meeting. We’re planning to spend the afternoon on the couch, watching the Cubs (hopefully) beat the pants off the Phillies. I’m also hoping that we’ll find the time to put together Jude’s bookshelf and toy box this weekend. Wish us luck!

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