Monday, May 07, 2007

Well, besides having to do a few little touch-ups, Jude's room is completely painted! Josh and I finished painting the stripes on Friday night. It feels great to have it done. Tonight we're going to strip the bed that's in there and wrap the mattress and box spring in plastic so that as soon as someone is available to help him, Josh can take both to the attic for storage. Once the bed is out of the bedroom, we'll only have to vacuum and steam clean the carpet and put together/set up the crib, bookshelf, and toy box. Last week, Josh and I picked up three pieces of canvas art for Jude's room. They are super adorable and look great in there. We still have to get one of Josh's paintings framed before we can hang it, but overall, the room is really coming along.

In addition to the art pieces, Josh and I found a lamp shade and night light we really like. We also purchased a Pack 'n Play, mattress pads, sheets and a mattress pad for the Pack 'n Play, and our diaper bag (the Retro Stripe-Blue style). It's not the Timbuk2 bag we had originally wanted, but it's really neat and has a lot of great diaper bag specific accessories. What's even cooler is that Josh found the bag on eBay, and we got it at a really reasonable price. Right now we're bidding on some cloth diapers on eBay... if we don't win any of the auctions, we'll be ordering a dozen or so within the next week or two.

Last night, Josh humored me and took me to the Cafe Metropolis in Wilkes-Barre to see The Slackers play. I had been joking that Jude had better not decide to come until at least Monday morning (today) because I was dead set on seeing that show. I swear, the band hadn't started their second song before I actually started feeling what might have been Braxton-Hicks pressure waves, but could also have been real pressure waves. It was really quite funny. They really settled down once the show was over/I stopped dancing/I drank some water. I'm not sure what the band would have thought if my birthing time would have really started... I think it would have been hilarious!

Speaking of the band... my friend Marcus plays bass for the Slackers. I haven't seen him in about three years. Last night was great... It was nice catching up with him and hearing about his wedding. Oh... and speaking of catching up with people, not only did I get to hang out with my Michelle last night, but I also got to see my long-lost friend Doug. Our paths haven't crossed in many, many years. Last night felt like old times... it was really great.

So, that's what's new. (=

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