Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let it Snow!


Josh, Jude, and I had a wonderful day together. It started snowing this morning at around 7am, and we knew it was going to keep up for most of the day, so Josh decided to stay put and work from home. Well... kinda.

It's December 13th, and as of this morning, we still didn't have our Christmas tree up. Our original plan was to get one of the small potted spruce trees from Wegmans and decorate that, but Josh didn't think we would be able to fit our ornaments on it, so we decided to put up our artificial one instead.

So, by the time we actually got moving, everything was covered in snow. I thought that since we had the day off, we should go ahead and put our tree up. One problem: no hot chocolate mix. Well, as I'm sure you're all aware, one simply *cannot* put up a Christmas tree without hot chocolate (and Christmas music). So, in order to remedy this situation, Josh and I bundled Jude up in his snow suit (thanks, Bader-Saye boys!), I loaded Jude into the Ergo, and we all walked down to Gerrity's supermarket. While there, we picked up hot chocolate mix, chocolate chips for cookies, and syrup for the pancakes we had frozen in the freezer. This afternoon, while Josh and Jude played together, I whipped up a batch of cookies. After lunch, we all took a nap together... well, the boys did. I got up and cleaned the kitchen and got dinner started. After dinner Josh got the Christmas stuff down from the attic and I put up the tree. Right now we're at a stand still b/c we need new lights, but that didn't stop us from making hot chocolate and sitting in front of the fire for awhile.

Jude seemed to enjoy the snow. We took some pictures, and Josh actually uploaded them already! Check them out here.

It was a really simple, lovely day. I can't wait until Sunday... that's when the next storm is supposed to hit us.

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Andrew, Jen, Elliott, and Aaron said...

Hey guys...I forgot to mention in the email I just sent that I did check out SNS and think that it's a great idea. I am going to talk to the doctor about that tomorrow. The picture of Jude and Josh is WAY super cute!!!