Monday, January 14, 2008

Jude's first Christmas was wonderful! On Christmas Eve, Josh, Jude, and I had dinner and worship with Peacemeal. It was lovely... after dinner, we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. At home, we gave Jude two gifts: a special pair of pjs and his first Christmas ornament. After getting Jude changed into his Christmas pjs, we hung his new ornament on the tree and got ready for bed.

In the morning, Jude had tons of fun ripping open his presents. Josh and I got him a set of three soft blocks, two books, a teething ring made from stuffed wool balls, and two additional sets of pjs. Around 11am, my mom, her husband, and my grandfather came to visit and to give Jude (and Josh and I!) some gifts. We asked my mom to limit the gift giving to two or three gifts. She obliged (for the most part *smile*). After having a nice brunch and taking a nap, we called Josh's parents and siblings via our webcam. They got to see Jude crawling around, grabbing at the tree and other things he shouldn't play with. During the call, my father stopped by to visit. After that we had dinner and relaxed. It was a great day.

We spent New Year's Eve in Philly with Josh's brother and almost sister-in-law. Josh, Richie, and Jenny rang in the new year by banging pots outside. On New Year's Day, we watched a bit of the Mummer's Parade, but spent the bulk of the day caught up in an ANTM marathon. We're a bit lame. (=

Since New Year's, Jude has learned to sit up by himself. He's in the midst of cutting new teeth, and has started reaching for people (namely, me) when he wants to be held. He's getting really big.

That's all for now. I'll have Josh upload some new pictures soon.

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