Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Day at the Park

Josh got home from his trip to San Diego at  9:45am yesterday. Jude and I were SO EXCITED. Josh opened the car door and the kid just couldn't stop smiling. His eyes lit up and seemed to scream, "Hey! Hey! I know you... I'm so happy you're home!" In addition to that light in my sweet baboo's eyes, there was also a little bit of a glare that seemed to plead with his father, "Please don't leave me alone with this woman for days on end EVER. AGAIN. All the kissing and the snuggling... even a baby needs a break, ya know?"

We spent the majority of the day outside at the local parks. After lunch with hit up Nay Aug Park for a short walk. We settled down in some shade to let Jude play for a bit, but that was short-lived because, well, there were caterpillars. I don't do caterpillars. I don't do bugs. None of them. Not even sweet little lady bugs. So, after a few minutes of me freaking out because Jude almost stepped on one, we headed back to the car.

After another short family nap, we packed up and headed to the park at South Abington Elementary to have a picnic dinner with our friends the Bader-Sayes. After dinner Josh and Scott took all the boys to the playground to play, and Dem and I went on a short walk. It was great. Sadly, there were caterpillars at South Ab too, but this time I just put Josh on baby duty and let him deal with the little critters. I stood way, way back from it all.

Everyone was good and tired when we got home. After two quick showers and a bath, the Frank family was ready for bed. Well, Jude was at least. Josh and I stayed up and watched two episodes of The Office on his MacBook Pro. Sleep came quickly after that.

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