Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm sitting in Jude's room, watching him play, and I have the windows open. There's a fantastic cool breeze maneuvering through the room. I wish I could just take Jude outside and sit on our porch with him for a while. The problem with this fantasy is that the little guy won't sit still. He would want to get down and play and then, oh, he'd want to nurse, but then he'd want to play, but don't forget about that nursing! He would crawl/walk and get into stuff he shouldn't be getting into, and I would have to keep getting up from my chair to chase him/remove him from whatever danger he had gotten himself into. Before I knew it, I would be wicked tired and would need a nap, and that would be the end of our beautiful May morning on the porch.
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Josh Frank said...

we'll get the porch cleared off this week (ANYBODY WANT A DECENT USED COUCH??). if we do, with the nice swinging gate closed, we can let him down to play.

might be a bit dirty, but hey, he's a kid, right?