Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thirteen-Month Letter

Dear Jude,
Today you turned 13 months old. Hooray! Congratulations! You’re officially into your second year of life. How does it feel?

Shortly after you turned one year old, you started walking. Now that you’ve pretty much mastered that walking thing, it is no longer good enough for you. Since you can, you simply MUST run. A nice stroll down the hallway is no longer an option; you sprint whenever possible. You still fall an awful lot, but it doesn’t deter you in the slightest. You love being mobile. You love moving around. You love chasing the cats.

You and I seem to have come to an agreements of sorts. For the first part of this month, there was much whining and fussing on your part and much frustration and anger on my part. You’ve let up on the whining and fussing, and I’ve let go of (most of) the frustration and (all of) the anger. We’ve spent seven days together, one-on-one, this month. They were some of the best days we’ve had, I think. We spent a lot of the time napping together, but we also went on a walk with our friend Joanie, read a fair number of books, sang silly songs, and shared our meals at the dining room table. I didn’t get much cleaning done during these seven days, but honestly, I don’t care! We had so much fun together... I wouldn’t trade that for anything in this world. Not even a spotless house.

You have started giving the BEST. HUGS. EVER. lately. I don’t know what I did to make me rank up there with the cats, but baby, thanks! I love it when we’re playing in your room and you come barreling at me, arms wide open. Most of the time you fall into me, hugging me and holding onto me for more than a few seconds each time. It’s pure heaven... even better than chocolate.

You went swimming for the first time earlier this month, and though you were apprehensive at first, I really do think you enjoyed yourself. Your Papa is looking forward to teaching you to swim. I'm looking forward to relaxing pool-side.

As each month goes by, you become more and more vocal. I guess that's what babies do, but I'm constantly blown away by how much you have to say. In addition to talking, you've really gotten the hang of clapping this past month. Previously, you would awkwardly put your hands not quite together when Papa or I would urge you to "clap, clap, clap." Now... well, now you're an expert at clapping. There's no hesitation in your eyes anymore; there's no worry that your hands might miss each other and send you spinning around from the force of your effort. Now when you want to clap, you bring your hands together in rapid succession, each time knowing with certainty that each hand will meet it's mark.

Although I had hoped that you would live on breastmilk alone for at least the first 10 or so years of your life (hey! Mama LOVES her D cup!), you've recently started eating a ton of solid food each day. Unfortunately, I haven't found the time to make your baby food, so most of what you've been eating has come from a jar. I'm sorry, Jude. I really wanted to say that I cooked for you right from the very beginning. However, after thirteen months, I think you and I both know that Mama isn't Little Susie Homemaker. At least the jarred stuff is all organic! That's something. Right?

Thank you for another outstanding month, Baboo. I can't wait to see what next month has in store for us!


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