Monday, July 21, 2008

Fourteen-Month Letter

Dear Jude,

Today you turned 14 months old. Where, oh where, did the time go?

This month you earned yourself a new nickname. Now you're not just Mama and Papa's Sweet Baboo, you're also their little monkey. Last month you mastered walking. This month you're perfecting your climbing skills. You started out by climbing on top of an old diaper box and then quickly moved on to climbing onto one of your plastic abominations. You've scaled the yoga bolster that's blocking you from some wires in our bedroom, and you've about mastered the climb to the top of the suitcase that is holding close the door to Papa's closet. You use your toes to grip the ground as you walk and the step onto which you're trying to climb. You LOVE bananas.

One of your new favorite things to do is open my dresser drawers, pull my clean clothes out, and either track them all over the upstairs or put them on your head (this includes, but is not limited to, my underwear). Sometimes Papa helps you put the clothes on properly. Sometimes he helps fasten my purple sparkly bra around your waist.

Your vocabulary and your understanding are growing by leaps and bounds. You don't hesitate to say "mama" or "dada" anymore, and you LOVE to say "hello, hello, hello" to everyone you meet. Just yesterday you started signing "more" again, and this time you're doing it with authority. On Sunday we went food shopping and I wore you on my back. As we walked through Wegmans, you took great joy in "clap, clap, clapping" and making kissy sounds and putting your arms straight up in the air as I called out action after action of what Simon Says. Speaking of kissy sounds... you give kisses now! Mostly you kiss your stuffed monkey or Pat the Giraffe, but every now and then you toss mom and dad a bone and slobber all over our faces as well.

I'm a little worried I'm going to cause you to be a bit OCD when you grow up. I noticed the other day that your papa and I instruct you to do things in groups of three: clap, clap, clap; shake, shake, shake; chew, chew, chew; dance, dance, dance. I hope that you don't end up having to touch each door handle three times before you leave your house when you get older or hop on one foot three times in a circle before going to bed at night. I promise I'll try to vary the way I teach you to do things from now on. I might even try just saying the word once and seeing how that goes.

You, Papa, and I have been doing a lot of fun things lately. Just yesterday we all went to the state park for a swim. We met Aunt Demy and Uncle Scott and some other friends there for a picnic dinner, and afterwards, when it started to rain on our game of Frisbee, you happily hung out in the backpack on my back getting soaked to the bone. It was so much fun, Baboo. I can't wait to do it again!

And the big news, Jude, is that your papa got a job in Chicago, so we're going to be moving in just a few short weeks! I'm so excited for this move, Monkey. It means a huge lifestyle change for all of us. I won't be working as much once we get out there, so you and I will get to spend a TON of time together. Do you remember the zoo we went to back in April? Jude, we can go there every day once we move! We'll only be about a mile away from there, and the best part? It's FREE! You know what else, Jude? Wrigley Field is a short train ride away, so we can go and see the Cubs play WHENEVER WE WANT! Oh! Oh! And there's a beach in Chicago, too, Jude! It's right along Lake Michigan. I've never been there, but your papa has, and he says it's great. I can't wait to take you all over the city. We're going to have such a great time.


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