Friday, November 03, 2006

12 weeks!

So, we're at 12 weeks! And, after a great consultation on Wednesday this week, we've settled in on who will be providing Jillian and the baby with care throughout the pregnancy (and, if the little bugger cooperates, during delivery). I finally found a Certified Nurse Midwife included in our health care plan, and she was great! Her name is Shelly Rosenberg and she delivers at Mercy Hospital in Scranton. The one downside is she no longer is on-call, so unless Jill is in labor during her normal office days/hours, there will be an OB helping with the delivery. But Shelly seems to be comfortable with the 3 or 4 doctors that work at Mercy, so that's good. We're glad to find someone who is going to be supportive and extremely knowledgeable about natural births. At one point Shelly even said it took her a long time to get past thinking a home birth is the only way to go!

So, we're moving right along. Jill's next appointment is on the 15th, and we're hoping they'll try to find the heartbeat then, even though we're anticipating more of a basic intake/phsyical kind of appointment.

That's all for now...maybe Jill will update a bit with how she's been feeling, what she's thinking (ahem, cough, cough, nudge, nudge).

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