Monday, November 06, 2006

Practicing/Baby Envy

This adorable little lady bug is Hannah. We met Hannah while attending Elm Park UMC. And, I must say, she may be the most well-behaved, easy-going, happy little baby I have ever met. And cute? Puh-leeeeeease. She's adorable!

Anyway, Jill was able to visit Elm Park a week ago, and she invited our friend Melissa (mommy) to stop by our new house while they were out trick or treating.We thought perhaps that they had run out of time, but just before we were getting ready to leave to go to Northern Light for coffee, they turned up! It was really great to see Jill oohing and aweing over Hannah, and to watch them on the floor and on the couch playing together. Hannah takes particular interest in our cats, and she was very insistent upon petting Graham. Graham, you know, the fearless orange tabby who isn't phased by chewing threw electrical wires even when they're plugged in? Yeah, that boy scampered under the papasan chair and stayed for most of the visit. Hannah persisted, running over and squatting under and scrunching up her hand to entice the kitty out.

So, that's Hannah. And we want one. One like her would be great. Although we both think we'll end up with a lovable little terror!

The bumble bee is the amazing little Everly Skye with her proud and happy daddy Jeremy. We had the pleasure of being at her baptism on Saturday, which was a touching affair. She's a little young yet to see how she'll be when she's mobile; but if the Friday nights at the Peacemeal gatherings are any indication, she's going to love our house! She seems very happy and peaceful and cozy there. I hope our little one feels the same way!

So, what's up with babies and parents dressing them up as bugs? Must be in this year. Next year, we'll have our own little one to dress ridiculously and take gazillions of pictures of.

I can't wait!

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Michelle said...

These are two adorable babies! You guys are both so cute. Josh, I'm glad to hear that you are super excited. I think you guys are going to be the best parents!