Monday, November 20, 2006

Wump wump, Wump wump...

On Wednesday of last week - what the midwife has determined is the 14th week of the pregnancy - we had the thrill of hearing our baby's heartbeat for the first time! It was freakin' amazing!!! I know I've never heard one live and in person, and I think I've barely ever paid attention to hearing one during a TV show or educational video or what not. But man, was this cool.

And the midwife found it, like, immediately. It was almost as if as soon as she put the ultrasound goop on the instrument and plopped it on Jill's belly that the heartbeat came galloping out of the speaker.

Our baby's heartbeat clocked in at around 160 beats per minute - fast in terms of grown-ups, but at the top end of the normal range for babies at this stage. Does that mean our baby is high-strung? Rip-roaring ready to go? Excited to be heard for the first time? Who knows, but this Daddy-to-be was in awe.

The ultrasound is up on January 2nd. If our little bugger cooperates, we want to know the sex. What a great late Christmas/New Year gift that will be!

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Ryan said...

that sounds awesome. i'm a little sad that i haven't been able to hear our baby's heartbeat yet, since i haven't been able to be at the last two appointments, but i was fortunate enough to see the ultrasound, which was tripfantastic amazing.
i'm so glad that youf pregnancy is going along so swimmingly!

- Ryan