Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sorry I haven't updated in so long. I don't often have both hands free when I'm using the computer. Most of the time I surf the web at night while nursing the little guy.

Jude has made some amazing strides since I last updated. On August 26th (the day after Josh's birthday--the reason why I remember), Jude rolled over for the first time! It was great... he had been trying to do it for a few weeks by that point. He just recently started rolling from his tummy back to his back. I'm amazed by his development. Just yesterday he really started getting his knees under him while he is on his belly. I can't believe he is grearing up for crawling! This mom is so not ready for all of this!

In addition to all that, Jude is also bearing a fair amount of his own weight when he is held in a standing position. He has been really, really talkative the past few days. He's an amazing child. He smiles and laughs often. He's rarely cranky. He's (thankfully) doing much better in the car.

We've taken a few mini-trips with Jude during the past few months. About three weeks ago, Josh, Jude, and I went to New York to stay with the sisters of the Order of St. Helena in Vails Gate, NY. How did we end up at a convent? Josh recently started working for the Episcopal Peace Fellowship, and he was asked to attend their yearly meeting that was held at the convent. Jude and I were invited to attend, so we accompanied Josh for the long weekend. We all had a great time. Our new EPF friends were wonderful, and the sisters were amazing. Everyone LOVED Jude, and he loved getting to know everyone.

Just yesterday, our family traveled to Bethlehem, PA. We stayed over night at the Marriot because Josh had a convention to attened this morning, and Jude had a check-up scheduled in nearby Quakertown. The appointment went really well. Jude now weighs a whopping 17 pounds, 12 ounces (95 percentile), and has grown to be 28 inches tall (he's off the charts in this category! Our little guy is super tall!). We'll try introducing solids for the first time in another month and a half. Until then, it's mama's milk all the way!

This Friday (October 19th) Jude will be baptized and offically welcomed into God's family and the Peacemeal community. Our dear, dear friends, Helen and Jer (mom and dad to Jude's future girlfriend, Everly) are going to be his godparents. Josh and I are super excited that Helen and Jer said yes. Jude loves them so much, and it's apparent that they love him equally. Our good friend Demery is going to be in charge of the baptizin'. We feel so blessed to have someone so close to us baptizing Jude. It makes celebration all the more special.

In other news. I took a job at our chiropractor's office at the end of August. I work 10.5 hours a week doing scheduling and other office-type things. It's a really great gig. It's hard being away from Jude, but it's nice to have some adult time. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon have become daddy and son time for Josh and Jude. They've been hitting up a bunch of Abington's sporting events and (up until two days ago) have gotten to spend a lot of time enjoying the nice weather.

In other, other news, Josh and I have decided to sell our house! Yes, we've only owned it for a year, but we think it's going to be a great move (no pun intended) for us. Without a mortgage, I won't have to go back to work full-time. Josh and I will be able to put our bodies into raising Jude (our hearts are certainly there already). This is a really exciting and stressful time for us. Your prayers would certainly be appreciated.

I'll ask Josh to update Jude's Flick set soon. Sadly, we haven't taken many photos lately, but I'm going to make it a priority to do so consistently from now on. Sometimes it's hard to put him down and pick up the camera, ya know?

Oh... and I'll do my best to update this thing more often, too. No promises!

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