Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Breastfeeding: The First Year

As I celebrate Jude's first year of life today, I also celebrate 12 successful months of breastfeeding.

I'm proud of having made it this far. I constantly read stories of mothers and babies who have their nursing relationship ruined due to misinformation and a lack of a good support system. I'm grateful for all of the support I've been given over the past year, and I'm grateful to have found good information regarding breastfeeding.

Josh has been nothing less than FANTASTIC when it comes to supporting Jude and I in our breastfeeding relationship. The first few weeks after Jude was born were scary. Sometimes he nursed for hours on end with half-hour breaks thrown in (if I was lucky). Josh kept me sane. He re-researched during the wee hours of the night when I started to doubt myself. He reassured me that I was doing great and that those long nursing stretches were NORMAL and GOOD for our baby. He kept me well fed, well hydrated, and as well rested as humanly possible. He took on 99% of everything so that I could concentrate on feeding our child. Josh's support and encouragement in this endeavor are the greatest gifts he could ever give me (with the exception of Jude himself).

I'm also really lucky to have some stellar mom-friends as breastfeeding role models. Dem, Helen, and Stephanie continue to be my personal cheerleaders when it comes to nursing my baby. Actually, all of my friends have been uber-supportive of me breastfeeding Jude. It's a wonderful thing to have your friends' full acceptance and support. I consider myself very blessed in this regard.

And since this is sounding more and more like an acceptance speech at an awards show, there are few other people I'd like to thank:

Thank you, Jerry, owner of Abe's deli, for making me and my nursing son feel so welcomed in your dining establishment.

Thank you, crazy BBC friends for making three nursing moms feel comfortable while you all got drunk during Friends' Week (BBL) '08.

Thank you, old guy at the Target in IL who commented positively on me nursing Jude while we searched the store for wipes.

And finally, thank you, smelly guy at the rest stop in OH for complimenting me on my decision to breastfeed my son. You kind of scared me, but I appreciated your kind words and your passion.

Thanks again to all of you who have supported and cheered us on in our journey. Jude isn't showing any signs of slowing down, and I'm hopeful that we'll make it (at least!) another full year!
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Josh Frank said...

Oh, smelly guy at the rest stop in OH. How would we ever have survived without you? Do you still smell?

Congrats, love. You're doing a wonderful job mothering our son.

jessica said...

I'm so proud of you, Jill!!! Keep it going...the girls can handle it:)

Kay McClintock, M.S. said...

I can't believe that Jude is already a year old. It seems like only yesterday when you were pregnant, Jill. It sounds like you are really enjoying motherhood. Jude is lucky to have such loving and caring parents.