Saturday, May 24, 2008

On Our Own

So, Jude and I are on our own until Monday morning. Josh is in San Diego on business, and though we had originally planned on Jude and I accompanying him, tickets prices skyrocketed by the time we tried to buy tickets, so we, unfortunately, are stuck in NEPA this weekend.

Jude has decided that he doesn't like playing in his room (read: the playroom) very much any more. I'm not sure if he's teething or if he doesn't feel well or if he's tired, but the kid just cries and cries whenever I put him down. Up until this point, Josh or I could take Jude into his room, put him down on the floor, and he would play for a while... sometimes hours. Now i put him down and he screams bloody murder. I hope this passes quickly.

What Jude *does* like these days is playing in our bedroom. I mean, overall, that's okay, but the room as a whole isn't baby-proofed. And man, that kid can find the un-proofed spots like a champ. For instance, it just took me a solid five minutes to write that last sentence because I had to redirect, redirect, redirect.

Yesterday Jude and I took a short walk at Nay Aug park. We found a nice, flat, grassy spot and sat down to play. That lasted all of ten minutes. Then the boy just wanted to be picked up and held. I complied... threw him back into the backpack and headed back to the car. It was nice to get out in the sunshine, but I was hoping to get a few minutes to read while we were there. I hear that sometimes kids will play by themselves while mom/dad reads or relaxes. Is there any truth to this scenario, or is it just an urban legend?

Oh man, the kid found the CD player and turned it WAY UP! And now down. Wow. Down again. That's right kid... bring it down to a normal level. Now he has the thing in his hands, and that means I should sign off.

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